Spoonie? What’s that?

So first things first. My username! If you’ve not heard of it before, ‘spoonie’ is a general name used by those in the chronic illness community. It comes from the spoon theory, where everyone has a limited number of ‘spoons’ to get through the day and can choose how they want to spend them. It shows people some of the decisions that people with chronic illnesses have to make- do I have a shower or make proper food? The dog needs feeding but I can’t do that and put the washing in, so the clothes aren’t getting washed. That letter really needs posting but I can’t walk far enough to get to the post box. It’ll have to wait another day….


Not everyone likes the spoon theory. It has its limitations, but so does everything, and anything that gets people talking and thinking about chronic illness is good. Attitudes are improving, but it’s slow. It varies with age, culture, class, experience, everything- but it’s changing. One step at a time there’s more understanding, from both medical professionals and the wider population. And that is huge.

The other part of my username is obvious. I love penguins! They’re black and white and fluffy, clumsy and cute. What’s not to like? Yeah I’m a tiny bit obsessed but that’s nothing new, I have been my whole life. Saying this as I’m surrounded by dozens of them (although unfortunately not real), penguins are awesome!

I’ll be updating this blog whenever I can. The next few months will be huge for me, and hopefully writing on here will help process some of it or what’s happened in the past. If not, at least I’ve tried, and who knows maybe my ramblings might help someone somewhere. If your reading this, you’re not alone- whatever you might be facing or however you might be feeling, you’re not. Shoot me a message and say hi if you want 🙂